Why should I hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • You only pay for time spent on your project, not breaks and idle time*
  • You can focus on customers, day-to-day operations, and business growth
  • No payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, transit fees, or benefit expenses
  • You can leave the technical stuff to a highly skilled professional
  • No special software, equipment or additional office space required
  • No need to train a new employee
  • You get a collaborating partner that cares about supporting your success
  • Simple 1099-MISC reporting at tax time.

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • Business check
  • Cash
  • Major Credit Cards via PayPal

How do you keep track of time worked?

I use time tracking software with strict inactivity settings to calculate time worked on your project. Without computer input such as mouse or keyboarding activity, recording stops and you are not charged for idle time. For in-person meetings and commuting time, I use smart phone time tracking, and provide you with a PDF or Excel spreadsheet of all time charged in addition to the invoice. *Minimum 1 hour charge for all projects.

General Rate $30 / hr 

However most services fall into one of three tiers and some jobs can be done as a package with a contract rate instead of an hourly charge.

Tier 1 - $30 / hr

Low complexity tasks such as Data Entry, Social Media updates, Invoicing, and Live chat would be the Tier 1 rate if they are the only tasks required.

Tier 2 - $40 / hr

Moderately complex tasks such as Social Media creation, Blog Setup/ Updates, Beta Testing, and Human Resources functions are Tier 2 rated when they are the majority of work performed.

Tier 3 - $50 / hr

Complex projects such as Web Design, Development* or Maintenance, Graphic Design, Professional Photography, Image Processing, Newsletters, Press Releases, and Consulting are charged at $50 / hr unless a contract rate has been agreed upon.

New Client Deposit: $90 (3 hours)

A new client deposit is required for all new service contracts upon signing.  It shows both parties are committed and covers the approximate time it takes to create three to five sample web pages for review. Large projects may require up to 50% deposit.

Best Deals: Monthly Pre-pay / Retainer Blocks

$200 - 5 hours per month pre-paid for any Tier 1 - Tier 3 tasks (must be used within 30 days)

$400 - 10 hours per month pre-paid for any Tier 1-Tier 3 tasks (must be used within 30 days)

$600 - 20 hours per month pre-paid for any Tier 1 - Tier 3 tasks (must be used within 30 days)

Retainers subject to availability. It is the client's responsibility to use purchased time within 30 days.


*Highly complex development such as database creation & integration, secure shopping cart incorporation, payment processing, CMS, SEO, form building, etc. is charged at $100 per hour. Please contact me with a detailed description of your needs and I will provide you with an estimate

"Hi April, I am so glad that I have you to do this! I read and see what you have done ... and add my input. If I was doing this on my own, I would be completely sapped out as it is very focus demanding."

- J. Morrison

Owner, Camp Turnaround