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P.O. Box 441
Gaston, OR 97119

503-929-4088 (texts welcome)

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I live amidst generous humans, two dogs, some chickens and roosters, and Miss Kitty in the farmlands of Gaston, Oregon southwest of Portland. With high speed connection and the pastoral setting my ability to focus and be techinically creative is enhanced. If a personal meeting/consult is desired I will travel up to appoximately 25 miles from Gaston.

If you want to meet in Forest Grove or Cornelius I frequent these towns for personal business and will not charge for travel time.

For other locations within the radius, travel time to-and-from is charged at 50% of the hourly rate, which generally means we've already reached an agreement for services. If your business happens to be on the Oregon coast as far south as Newport, an exception to the 25 mile radius limitation may be made and only 50 miles (maximum round trip) charged assuming overnight lodging is not required.

As advertised, a 20-minute phone consult discussing your needs and the potential for virtual assistance is free of charge.

"Hi April, I am so glad that I have you to do this! I read and see what you have done ... and add my input. If I was doing this on my own, I would be completely sapped out as it is very focus demanding."

- J. Morrison

Owner, Camp Turnaround